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Donate your skills, time and talent to Seattle World School!

We have volunteer opportunities available in:

Daytime Classroom/After school tutoring
Volunteers are needed in the classroom during the day. Particularly needed are individuals with computer skills who can help in the computer lab.  Volunteers are needed for after school tutoring in all subjects, 3:30-5 MWF, and Saturday mornings.

Grant writing
Because of School District budget cuts for basic student services and supplies and because the school lacks a PTSA, funding must be sought from outside sources. Many of the school’s after school programs could be funded with grants from community resources. We need individuals willing to seek additional financial support for the school through grant sources.


The Friends of Seattle World School raise funds for essential school needs and scholarships for our alumni. An Art Show and Open House and other community events and sales have raised funds for the school.  There are many unmet one time and continuing needs. Please see “Donations” for more information on the “wish list” of our school and the needs of our students.


The Seattle World School is an invaluable resource for our city, and a model for other districts seeking to learn how to better support their own English Language Learner students.  However, many people are still unaware of the work being done to smooth the transition from immigrant/refugee status to American high school student. We welcome help with raising awareness of the school’s special role through increased press and television news coverage.

We need individuals willing to work with the School District and the state Office of Public Instruction to assure that non-English-speaking newcomers continue to receive the special support they need to be able to transfer to graduate from high school prepared to succeed in American society. Advocacy is needed for assure stable operational funding, adequate staffing to provide a high school curriculum with integrated language support, and the development of methods to monitor academic progress that are appropriate for non-English speaking newcomers and other students who are still working to acquire literacy in academic English.

To volunteer to help the Friends of Seattle World School,
please contact

Sieng is employed by the Seattle World School partner Vietnamese Friendship Association.  She is at the school most days.