Art Cards for Scholarships

Art Cards for Scholarships raises funds to support our Alumni Scholarship and Mentoring Program, helping World School alumni to attend college or vocational school.  The Seattle World School is a public school where Seattle newcomers age 11-21 can learn English and adjust to life in the U.S..  Students who start at the World School and who graduate from any Seattle high school are eligible for awards.

Our beautiful 5×7 blank greeting cards are made from students’ original art work, done in SWS art teacher Lori Leberer’s classes.  We have more than 400 designs, including watercolors, pastels, block prints, murals, collages, ink drawings, and photographs.  Seasonal themes include flowers, birds, trees, and butterflies (spring and summer); harvest, leaves, and day of the dead;  holiday cards; and Valentine hearts; as well as mandalas, Mexican bark paintings, and portraits.  Here are a few samples:

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We began selling cards in 2007.  Combined with direct donations from our wonderful supporters, we have raised more than $175,000.  All funds raised each year are given out to students.  All proceeds support scholarships for college or vocational school to assist our student alumni in pursuing educational goals.   Scholarships cover gaps between financial aid and costs for tuition, books, transportation, laptops, supplies, or test or application fees, and help students avoid loans.

Where to Find Art Cards

Our Art Cards for Scholarships are sold at special events (holiday sales, craft fairs, farmers’ markets) and at supporting businesses and organizations throughout Seattle. You can find our cards at:

Individuals, organizations, or businesses can order cards directly by contacting Nancy Peterfreund at  Orders of any size can be provided, on a retail or wholesale basis.  We’re always looking for new neighborhood venues; please let us know if you would like to sell our cards.