Chhon Leng

My life is like Monday to Friday by Chhon Leng Pin (age 19)

My life is like Monday to Friday. My life is like Monday to Friday because I like to study hard and like to learn a lot of English. I also leaning my country’s languages sometimes too. I also study on Saturday with Mr. Cher. I only had a weekend on Sunday. I study how to work hard. I want to be a good student, and I want to be a nice person in my family. If I study hard, when I grow up, it will be easy for me when I get a job. When I grow up maybe I want to be a teacher or maybe I work with a doctor. I very much want to study in college.

My life in the country of Cambodia was very wonderful. In Cambodia I was born on October 6, 1997 in Battambang. It is a small town. I had three special things to write about. First, I will talk about my family. In my family I had fire persons. I have a mom, a dad, a big brother, a grandmother, and me. But my grandfather died when the Khmer Rouge controlled my country my mom is the one who I love so love much. She always helped me when I had a problem. When I went to school she always cooked breakfast for me everyday. My mom always read a book when I was a little boy. After, I felt sleepy and she would take me to bed. In Cambodia my dad also taught me how to learn English sometimes. He also taught me to study the A.B.C. I had a big school in my country. My school in Cambodia had 12 rooms. I also studied in a small school where we learned English. That school’s name is Preap Sovath. I still have of friends in my country but I only have 10 best friends they are respectful and kind. I liked to meet friends who are respectful. I remember the sounds of roosters they are loud in the morning everyday. Also I remember the smell of my country’s food that my mom cooked for dinner.

In Cambodia, I had big family, and I had 10 best friends in school. They were kind and respectful. My friends’ names were Kosal, Sokkea, Leak, Chorn, and Sovanreach. On Sunday my friends and I went to a walking park. We played basketball together. We had a lot of fun. When I came back from the park I went to my home. Then my dad said, “Hey Chhon Leng we will go to the U.S. next month.” He looked at me. He thought I looked surprised, but I was sad because I didn’t want to leave my mom, friends, uncle, aunt, and my grandmother. My father, my brother and I came to America. In the U.S I want to get a good job, and want to study. When I came to The U.S., I said good bye to my friend in school. They did not cry, but I cried a little bit. I said to them, “I don’t want to leave you guys”. My best friend’s name is Kosal and he said, “When you cry, it make me feel sad.”

The last day before I came here, I had a big party at my home. At the party I called my friends and my uncle. We had a lot of fun at the party. I next day I said to my mom, “Hey Mom when I am in the U.S. don’t forget to call me.” Than she said, “Ok! Chhon Leng I will call you everyday and I will miss you so much.” Also she said to me, “when you or in the U.S. you need to study hard what your dad said is Ok.” I said, “Ok mom, bye, bye mom, I love you,” I drove a car to the airport in Phnom Penh. I took a plane from Cambodia to China. I stopped in China for 6 hours and changed plans from China to America. On the plane I felt scared a little bit, because I had never been on a plane before. On the plane ate some food on the plane, and I drank orange juice. I also played some games in the plane. When I finished, then I slept. I dreamed that I was meeting my friends and my mom again.

First day I saw the U.S it was so beautiful! In Seattle is had a lot of trees, park, and beautiful mansion. I saw a lot of homes and many tall buildings. In the U.S. the one I like is school. Why? ‘Because it is where I learn. I also like my home in the U.S, streets, and parks. I like American food. In contrast to Cambodian food and here is food, school, and home. One more thing that is different is snow. However in my country we don’t have snow but in here every year we had snow and ice. When I saw a snow and ice I was so surprised. Tow week in U.S my dad found school for me and my brother to study. After my dad finished then he said the school that I went to is S.B.O.C. When I in B.O.C I was shy little big. I said to my dad, “Oh father I like this school because had a lot of student comes from different country. After I in S.B.O.C like 4 or 5 day I get a one best friend. He name is Eaper. He came from Korean. He is 15 year old. First time he saw me than he said how are you? I said am find. Than he said can, “I be your friend.” I said, “Sure” and I said, “I am sorry I don’t speak very will.” He said.” He said no problem. He asks, “Where are you from.” I said, “I am from Cambodia.” After that we went to ate lunch together. We had fun everyday. We are best friend. One time he asks me,”Are you missing your country you want to go back to your country?” I said, “Oh! Man I very miss my country it I in U.S about 2 years I will go back to meet my mom, grandmother, uncle and my friend in Cambodia again.”

My life is like Monday to Friday, because it is for school and for me to learn. In Cambodia I just study Cambodian languages However when I am in the U.S I can study one more language. English is the one that I very much want to study. Monday to Friday is time that for me to study. When I knew all the English languages when I grow up in my life I want to teach the English to my children English language in Cambodia.

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