My Life is like Stars in the Sky by Sudi Mohamed (age 19)

My life is like stars in the sky. Have you ever seen the night sky with a zero ground lights? Let me explain. I have seen the amazing sight twice in my life. It’s just took my breath away. Sometimes my life is sky without star, because my parents aren’t here in U.S. with me. There was one person in my life who made me feel safe and helped me when I began to fall from grace. This person was my father. He’s the one I miss because he brought me love and some happiness. He died when I was a little girl in Somalia. Some people came to us and they asked where my father was. He was praying in his mosque, but they didn’t wait even till he finished his prayer. They hit him in front of my family. They tied his arms and legs together and covered his eyes. They killed him so badly. When I saw some kids play with their father and walking or buying something I felt mix of emotion. Dad, who I will turn to for answers when life doesn’t make sense. Who will be there to hold me close when the pieces just don’t fit? What happened to those times when always remembered you? Out of all the dads, you would still be my choice. Please always know I love you. Yours may come and go but our memory is never erased. My mom well I barely see like for 6 years now. I missed her a lot. I miss her a lot, her support and protection. She cares a lot for her kids. It wasn’t the ideal situation, especially when you had children, space, money, everything was short. My uncle, aunt and grandmother took good take care of us. She is my light, my mentor, and my driving force. My win was merely god’s way compensating her. I wish she could understand how I want to bring the whole world to her feet now that I can!

Even though it was hard to lose my father, my life in Somalia was still wonderful, because I had a lot of friends and amazing family. When I was in Somalia, I lived with my mother, my three brothers, and three cousins. We went to Dugsi to study the Quran. We went to Dugsi five days a week. We studied hard. My brothers and I finished the whole Quran three times. I was happy when I was with my family in my country. I was born and grew up where the sun was shining and where the birds sing well. Hush, then I say God lives and all is well. Some where there is beautiful land of truth where we live anew. There is a war in my country even now. It seems unbelievable to think what happened to my people of my country. Many people have died without reason and their children have cried. I am so sorry about the deaths of people in my country and these terrible conditions. I may see better times one day. I am thankful to my great relatives sharing with me my joys and sorrow and fears, more than belonging to a country. We are first of all human with dreams and hopes of loving and raising our families. May god bless all the people and my family and keep them safe. I hope that god will hear my prayer and put an end to all this.

I came to the U.S. in November 2008 because I wanted to make a better life and also to escape the war. I came for education and opportunities and to get a good job and beautiful house. There were a lot of problems in my county so I wanted to support and protect my family. At firs t, I felt sad because I was lonely when I came to U.S. but at the same time I was so excited that I was in the U.S. finally. I came to the U.S. by airplane. First I left Kenya to Dubai. The trip took 8 hours. From Dubai to New York it took 14 hours, New York to Minnesota 12 hours. Then after one month I left Minnesota and I went to California. After 9 month I left California to Seattle. When I came to Seattle I started at this school. I was just here 1 day before I went to SBOC. At the SBOC, I have amazing friends and teachers to help me. They are respectful and I like it and I wish to have everywhere I go friends is sky with a stars.

My life in the U.S. is awesome because it is the first time I met my sisters, brothers, and other relatives. We spent a lot of time. They gave me a lot of things. That was amazing. But the funny thing was when I went to “All You Can Eat” everything was different. The food looked different. When I smelled the food, I felt nausea and it made me dizzy. When I went home, I got sick. The weather here was different. It was winter time and cold. In my county it was hot. Somalia doesn’t have snow or cold weather but I like it here because there is beautiful sky with stars. Now I like everything and I don’t fell sick any more but I miss my country food more.

My life is a sky with stars. Life is low and high. Sometimes it is cloudy and raining and you can’t see the stars. In my life here I don’t have lot of jobs or much support. I talk to my mother and when she tells me her problems, I feel depressed. Life is special and there are angels. Right now I am trying to bring my mom to come here. Life makes me cry and laugh. It is funny and sad. Next year I am going to Cleveland High School. After high school I want to go to college and to be a doctor in the future. Some of us let these great dreams die but some of us nourish and protect them, nurse them through bad days till they flourish. I bring my dream to the sunshine and light which comes always to those who sincerely hope that their dreams come true. My mom told me “live the life you have dreamed for yourself. Go forward and make your dreams come true, my sweet girl.” When I left my country and specially mom, I felt sad because I never thought I can live without my mom so far away but I’m strong and my life is like the beautiful sky with stars.

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